The Bones of the World Begin to Show


Every writer has some kind of material that holds mana for him or her. For me, it’s people.  Family and friends. My parents grew up on farms in the 1930’s on the same concession in Huron county. They took their three children back there every summer.  I was related to everybody in that area. They were my kin. A bond was formed that is still there. Every book, including this one, has some poems based in Huron county. For me, the biggest dramas play out in the human heart. A large part of my extended family is dead now, but every new person I meet is a source of interest for me. So mostly I write about people.

Entertaining is good and important, and some of my poems will always be comical, but I hope these poems take us to a deeper level as well, and have the reader thinking about what it means to be a human animal, living our little blink of eternity on this earth, knowing that before long we will die. I hope some of the deeper philosophical questions of life are there, in some of the poems.

  1. S. Porter, a reviewer for the Globe and Mail has said, of this book: “In these intimate story-poems, Marilyn Gear Pilling caresses stranger and kin, dog and horse, the living and the dead. Like the rooster, she cracks open the day. She invites readers to love the freckled world, every last blemish and bone of it.”

– Marilyn Gear Pilling

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McMaster’s purview is the world entire, with all its mystery, heartbreak and magic.

Carolyn Smart

There is rhythm and verve in every dimension McMaster explores.

Jan Conn


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