Suck & Spit

An ancestry enthusiast,Laurie Smith has traced her roots to Emperor Charlemagne, as well as Lady Godiva, which explains her hair and love for horses. This collection of poetry is based on this exploration, yet another spinoff of her interest in Darwin and his influence.


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“We fear venom and cyanide, but what about mold between walls, toxins in our air and water? Laurie Smith’s poems surprise, startle, amuse and amaze the reader — beyond enjoyable, a must read!”

Mary Ann Mulhern, Poet Laureate of Windsor

“Like all the best poets Laurie Smith knows this — first you make them laugh, then you make them weep. Suck and Spit is sometimes shamelessly hilarious lathered with large inky dollops of black humour.”

B. Lee, Poet Laureate of Brantford & Norfolk County
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