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WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor’s mayor and poet laureates have penned a poetry book filled with a collection of pieces reflecting on the global COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Drew Dilkens, Poet Laureate Mary Ann Mulhern, Poet Laureate Emeritus Marty Gervais and Youth Poet Laureate Samantha Badaoa will release their book ‘A Dance of Self-Isolation: Covid Poems from the Biggest Little City in Canada’ with a virtual book launch.

T.S. Eliot once said that it is the duty of every editor to rescue the work from its author. I don't think he meant impose a reading on the work; on the contrary his vision of the editorial process was to let the book be the book, to let the work say what it can say and say it as well as it can be said. In the process, both the editor and the writer discover new things. That sense of discovery is like

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